Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oscar Party!

A couple of my closest friends and myself really get into the Oscars. Like REALLY. To get ready for the big day, we attend the Oscar Showcase at a local theater (yeah, we are awesome). They play all of the movies that are up for "Movie of the Year" in two weekends. It is a blast and you get a lot of cool perks for attending. Well, last year we decided to throw an Oscar Party to really enjoy the night. It was so much fun; we wanted to do it again this year! 

We don't just get together and eat snacks; we get together and eat "Movie of the Year" themed snacks! Yes yes... we are way too cool. The movies that were up for the award this year were:

All movie pictures via google

These nine movies are what served as our inspiration for these yummy treats!

Croissants - Hugo steals croissants in the movie! 
Hawaiian Rolls and Pulled Pork Sandwiches and
Caribbean Jerk Chicken Kabobs! The movie is set in Hawaii :)
Extremely Hot and Incredibly Spicy buffalo chicken dip!
You see what we did there?
Minnie's Chocolate Pie - Minus you know what!
 This movie was set in Paris, so French pastries...
We do what we can :)
Peanuts! Baseball themed for Moneyball!
Tree of Life Broccoli Tree! 
Black and White cake balls! It is a silent, black and white film, so
these went perfectly! They were also decorated in white dresses and
black tuxes to match the costumes of the film!
Roast beef and War Horse-radish finger sandwiches! Horse theme
was probably one of the most challenging, but this was such a cute idea!
Food Table
So there you go! That was our Oscar themed food! There were three couples, so we all made three dishes each and everyone got to put their own creative touch into their dish. We decorated the entire room, one couple put out past "Movie of the Year" DVD's to set the mood, we played Oscar Bingo, and of course had a prize for whoever picked the most winners correctly. If you don't get into the Oscars very much, maybe next year try putting your own twist to it! It makes it a 1000 times more fun. 

Hope you enjoyed this little post and sorry for the picture overload! 

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  1. that is so fun!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Being new at this thing, I love when someone new stops by! I'll return the favor :)

  2. This was such a brilliant idea!! I think the vegetable tree of life is my favorite! :D

    1. Aw! Thank you! The Veggie tree was my creation! And thanks for checking it out!

  3. we just watched the artist last night!! it was amazing, amazing, amazing. like, blew me away (and i'm not a huge movie fan.)

    this party sounds like so much fun :)

    1. Isn't it awesome! I was a little hesitant when it first started, but I loved it! It definitely deserved "Move of the Year!" Thanks so much for stopping by :)

  4. How fun!! I love Minnie's cake-minus the you know what!

    1. The pie was on of my favorite things, because you can't help but giggle! And it was my first experience with chocolate pie! Thanks so much for swinging by :)

  5. I'm coming to your house next year :) Such a fun idea! I love the movie inspired dishes!

    1. Haha! I would so let you join :) Thanks for stopping by!