Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Musical {Singing in the Rain}

Well Monday Musicals is back! It has been two whole weeks without an update - how did you ever survive? I will catch up on those later this year! Since my life is still desperately trying to catch back up, I am doing one of my favorite musicals today! Not a newbie, sorry...

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What really inspired me to pick "Singing in the Rain" this week was actually the new silent film, "The Artist." I finally got to watch it this past weekend, and there were many "Singing in the Rain" moments. In case you are interested in "The Artist,"I would highly recommend it. It was amazing and deserved movie of the year, hands down. Brilliant acting and directing. 

Don't believe me on the similarities, just look at the characters! The beginning duo of "The Artist" even share the same personalities as the beginning duo in "Singing in the Rain."

Singing in the Rain
The Artist - sorry couldn't find a closer picture of these two
Now back to the point of this post, "Singing in the Rain." The notion of early cinema and the transition of black and white/color and silent/"talkies" has interested me for awhile. I think that is why I loved so many of the Oscar nominees this year - "The Artist" and "Hugo" definitely capture this time period and struggle, but "Singing in the Rain" did it first (I have no idea who REALLY did it first, but in my viewing experience it was "Singing in the Rain"). 

If you are interested in early cinema or that transition, this musical is a must see. It should be on any Musical Lover's list, but specifically those who are into this time period. With all that being said, you can probably guess the plot line - transitional period from silent to "talkie" films and the difficulties that many actors faced, but in a comical way of course. And no worries, there is a love story, dancing, and singing (the perfect combination)! 

"Make 'Em Laugh", "Moses Supposes,"and "Singing in the Rain" are my favorite songs from the film, but there are a lot of great ones throughout. This musical, by many, is considered the greatest musical ever made. And the songs have lived on through the years as well. Don't believe me? The song "Singing in the Rain" was used in Glee in Season 2! It is one of my favorite renditions that they have come up with, so click here to watch it (It was pretty stinkin' cute, so I think you should)!

So, if you haven't seen this classic, you need to right now, NOW I tell you! If you already have, leave me a comment and tell me what you think? What is your favorite song? Do you love Glee's version?! 

Until next week Musical Lovers,


  1. HELLO?! What about Good Mornin?! It's one of my favorite songs of all time :) Love you!

    1. Sor Sor! I was doing this post from memory, so I missed a few songs :)

  2. Does Spinal Tap count as a musical? Either way, you should watch it lol.

    1. Haha! I'm not sure about Spinal Tap! Maybe I'll check it out :)