Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm back and Monday Musical!

Hello long lost friends! I have been away for over a week, eek! Please let me explain why I have been nonexistent. My sweet boyfriend is participating in an up coming Opera, Barber of Seville. Well every year around this time, I never get to see him because of his strenuous practice schedule. This year I had an idea so I could still spend time with him while he prepared for his yearly musical - volunteer to be stage manager for the show! Oh how excited I was, but now all I am is exhausted. 

I have been working all day everyday trying to make this show a success. Even when I am not at practice, I am preparing for it in some way. And starting last week, more practices have been scheduled (hence my absence). The show is the next two weekends, and then I will really be back for good. But, I have been neglecting my dear little blog and my Musicals, so I will try to keep up these next two weeks even though it is crunch time! So, here it is... 

I actually managed to watch one this week, so I would stop slacking on my blog promises! And I am glad I did. It was a much needed break and such a fun show - Gentlemen Prefer Blonds! Not only was this my first time to see the show, but it was also my first Marilyn Monroe film (how it has taken me so long, I have no idea). And I've always known it, but man was she gorgeous.

The film adaptation was released in 1953 (the musical releasing in 1949), and it's two stars were, Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell. Russell was a wonderful assets to the movie, but of course, it is Monroe's performance that has stuck with people for ages. The musical is actually rather short; it is only an hour and a half, which for musicals is nothing. But in that little time, Monroe beautifully captured the essence of the gold-digging Lorelei Lee!

The basics of the film are rather humorous. Monroe and Russell play two young showgirls - Monroe desperate for a man with money and Russell desperate for true love. After Monroe gets engaged to a millionaire, her and Russell sail to France to wait for her fiancĂ©. However, the boat ride to France proves more eventful then expected! 

Marilyn's performance is reason enough to watch this musical. Of course, she plays a ditzy blond who can weasel her way out of anything, but you can't help but love her. 

I wasn't too familiar with the music in the show, but I was happy to finally see Marilyn's rendition of "Diamond's are a Girl's Best Friend!" Which was all I hoped it would be! But even without the music, the dresses and costumes were to die for! And I have to admit, I may have fell a little in love with Marilyn after watching the show. 

Monroe's "Diamond's are a Girl's Best Friend" - look at that gorgeous dress!

So musical lovers, go check out Gentlemen Prefer Blonds! I will definitely be adding some more Marilyn to my musical list! What is your favorite Marilyn movie?


  1. I LOVE this musical! It's just so dang cute! I'm glad you're back missy! :)

  2. I want to see this soo bad now..I'm starting to like Marilyn because she's the muse for much of the show. I like how they are teaching people about here and the biz in her hay day...I think Arthur said it was on Netflix so I will be watching this soon!

    1. It is on Netflix! That is where I watched it from! You will love it. Marilyn is fantastic!