Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{Spring Break Edition}

Last week was Spring Break, and I'm pretty sure I haven't slowed down since. I didn't have any big plans over the break - for the past few years, I have been on a trip of some sort over Spring Break. So, the boy and I went to my hometown to spend some time with my family. It was wonderful. Except...

 I got sick - You know all those different, yucky sicknesses that were going around before Spring Break and I was bragging because I didn't catch them, yeah I caught them. I am thankful, however, that my body held off to get sick until Spring Break because I am a teacher, but it made for a miserable time. 

No internet - my family lives in the stone age! Ok not really, but my sister's house, where I was staying, doesn't have internet. 

It rained. And not just here and there. It rained for four days straight. It rained so much, I felt like a fish. And of course, the only shoes I brought were my brand new tennies (this is what I like to call tennis shoes), my Toms (that are falling apart so rain just flowed right in), Leopard print flats (flats + rain = no bueno), and boots with heels (that sunk in the ground ever step I took).

But despite my sickness, excommunication from the 21st century, and my shoe epidemic, the trip was a success.  We were supposed to travel back to the city on Thursday, but we were having such a good time, we stayed until Friday.

The 'rents!

My lovely sister and her 5 children! I stayed at her place, but the kids
were on trips of their own. So, I kept my sanity :)

Since I know you are dying to know what kept us their a day longer, I shall tell you! We played Yahtzee like it was going out of style (wait... I think it has been out for a long time), I showed Johnny around my "huge" hometown and we ate at all the local food joints (you know, the two my town has), and we went to the auction (yes, a good time in my hometown is spending Thursday nights at the local auction)!Go ahead and laugh at the auction going, but I found some lovely antiques! And we only paid 50 bucks for the truck load! I will show you what all we got in my next post!

When we finally got back to the city, the weekend was already booked up. I will not go into every little thing we did, but we did spend one entire day out with two of or best friends! And should I include that they just got engaged? Yes, I shall! We went to the Science Museum with our lovely, newly engaged friends, Kaleigh and Greg! You can read their engagement story here if you want - it's too sweet not to! She's a blogger as well, so you don't have to know her to enjoy (I have discovered that about the blog realm)! 

That is my Spring Break story! Anything fun happen in your world over Spring Break?! 


  1. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!!

    1. Thanks girl! Glad you found my little blog :) I will def be checking you out!