Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break and Giveaway!

Hello sweet friends!

Since I am a teacher, I am participating in Spring Break this week! I am not doing anything too exciting; I just went home to see the parents and show the boy around good ole' Stilwell, OK (my hometown)! There is only one major downfall to this little adventure, NO INTERNET! I'm from the sticks... 

We decided to stay out at my sister's house, and she doesn't have internet. I was unaware of this little detail, and I obviously didn't plan this trip out too well. So, I finally got some free time and am now sitting in a freezing cold McDonalds, just so I could talk to you lovely people. I will be home Thursday, so I will be doing some make-up posts when I get home. 

But until then, go check out my current giveaway on my dear friend, Melissa's blog!

Pineapple Lily

 I sell Mary Kay on the side, and thought I would give away one of my favorite products, Satin Lips! Melissa has made it so easy to enter! Go check it out!

Be back soon,

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