Monday, March 12, 2012

Musical {The Phantom of the Opera}

The Phantom of the Opera was probably what really got me started watching musicals again. And for this post, I am referring to the 2004 movie adaptation. There are other versions of The Phantom of the Opera out there, but this is the only musical version. One interesting thing to note, Andrew Lloyd Weeber is who produced the movie, but he is also who wrote the musical (that's pretty cool!). 

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I actually have a lot of friends who don't like The Phantom of the Opera and I can see why, but I still think they are crazy! I love it SO much! I catch myself singing songs from the musical all the time. I also catch the boy singing them, which makes me swoon (have I mentioned he can sing?)! So needless to say, it is one of my favorite musicals. It is definitely creepy and kinda weird, but oh so wonderful!

A few interesting tidbits for you: Originally Hugh Jackman was asked to play the phantom, but he had to decline because he was working on Van Helsing. However, the director was impressed with Gerard Butler's performance in Dracula, so he was given the role. Butler had no vocal training before this role, and had only four vocal lessons before he sang "Music of the Night" for Weeber. And yes, you read that right, GERARD BUTLER! A lot of people don't realize that is him under the mask, but it is :)

Yes ladies, that is Gerard Butler! 
The role of Christine Daae' also went through a couple cast changes. Katie Holmes was the front-runner for the role until she was replaced with Anne Hathaway, who is a classically trained soprano by the way. But like Jackman, Hathway dropped out because she was working on another film. That led to Emmy Rossum taking on the role of Christine. Now, I knew a lot of this, but I am not that much of an expert. That being said, I found a lot of this info from the web! So, let me know if you know something else interesting that I may have missed!  

The story begins at the Paris Opera House, in 1919, where an auction is being held. The attention is then drawn to Lot 666, a chandelier that is in pieces. This begins the story of the Phantom, which is told in flashback form. The Phantom, a disfigured musical genius, haunts the opera house. He is in love with the young Christine Daae', and he secretly tutors her with hopes that she will become the next opera star. She believes he is the "angel of music" sent by her deceased father. When the Phantom's love is threatened by Christine's childhood friend Raoul, the Phantom does whatever it takes to insure that he gets Christine. His efforts culminate in a climatic scene in the bowels of the opera house.

One of my favorite scenes!
The music was also written by Andrew Llyod Weeber. This musical contains some of my favorite songs: "Music of the Night," "All I ask of You," "Wishing You were Somehow Here Again," "Think of Me," "Masquerade," and of course "The Phantom of the Opera." I actually had to trim down that list because I wanted to list all of them! I get goose bumps just listening to some of these songs. Two of my dear friends were in a show together and they sang "All I Ask of You" as a duet, and after that performance they started dating and eventually got married. They give all the credit to signing this song to each other! How sweet is that? If for nothing else, the music is enough reason to watch it. 

Go check it out musical lovers! Then come back and tell me what your favorite songs is or what you thought of the movie as a whole!


  1. I loved this musical! I had to whine just to get my husband to watch it, and now he can't imagine his life without watching it. He sings songs from that movie all the time.

    I can't wait to see what's in store for next week!

    1. What? I'm almost positive I watched this movie before I even met you. In fact I watched it in Tulsa with a friend from High School. Furthermore, I do enjoy the music...

  2. I love this musical and I think it was you and Lo that got me to see it for the first time!! :)

  3. I love Phantom of the Opera!! :) Thanks for the giveaway at Mama Loves Papa!

  4. Er um...I mean pineapple Lily! Ha!

  5. I love this movie musicale as well and the songs are just classic! I play this in my computer so often - just can't get enough of songs and of course, Gerard Butler!