Friday, June 8, 2012

Bringing home the (turkey) bacon!

Hello lovlies! Well I started a new job - hence the lack of posts this week! It's been crazy, but it has been so much fun! No worries, I am still teaching in the Fall. This is just a little job on the side!

Lately, I've started running. And by "started running," I mean I've went a handful of times and almost passed out after 20 minutes. So it would make perfect sense that I got a job at an athletic shoe store, right? That's what I thought! I am working at this awesome little store in the heart of OKC! 

We sell everything from running shoes and gear to casual shoes with the same great support. I am actually really pumped to be working here. Unlike a lot of shoe stores, we don't sell any shoes that don't offer the support our feet really need.

You can tell from that paragraph that I am already sold of their purpose and their product. I can't wait to be able to share with you guys some of the awesome stuff I have learned! I'm pretty sure I've called almost every person I know to tell them how crappy our normal tennies really are for our feet! 

One perk of the new job though...
these beauties! 

via google

Be looking for a White Tree post soon. I had a fun shoot with Keisha over at Queen Guinevere! Can't wait to share!

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