Monday, June 4, 2012

Musical {Mamma Mia!}

The boy has done some amazing stuff the past two days. First, he finally caved and watched Mamma Mia with me (more on this in a sec). Second, he got my internet to work today! I have no idea what is going on with my internet/Mac lately. I have been blaming my internet for the past month for my crappy blog posts, which is true, totally not made up. My internet will work for a day and then it won't work for like two. I honestly can't understand what is going on. It could be my router or maybe it is my Mac. I've heard that the last update has made some Mac's act up... BUT, it is working now, so I can finally post this week's Musical!

As mentioned above, the boy finally gave in and watched Mamma Mia with me. When we started our musical challenge, this is the one musical he refused to watch. And to top it off, he had no reason of why this musical was on the "no watch" list. I realize most of you ladies are thinking, "well he's a boy, that's why." Which would make sense if my boy didn't spend a majority of his time singing or acting in music theater. So, mine is the exception - he likes musicals! But not Mamma Mia? How can this be? 

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Oh well, he gave in and watched it anyways! I didn't even have to beg; he just wanted to make me happy :) HOW PRESH!

So, now lets talk about Mamma Mia! FINALLY! It is one of my favorite musicals. And I will be talking about the 2008 film adaptation starring Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan. The film is based off of the Broadway hit of the same name. The show made it's first appearance in 1999 in London, and it wasn't until 2001 that it hit Broadway. The show is based off of the music of ABBA, and two original members of the band composed the score.

Even though the music is based off of the band, the plot is entirely fictional. The film opens with the soon-to-be bride, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), sending out three very important invitations to her wedding. They are addressed to Sam Carmichael (Brosnan), Harry Bright (Collin Firth), and Bill Anderson (Stellan Skarsgard) - her three potential fathers. After finding her mother's diary, she learns that her dad could be any of these three men, and she wants them to be at her wedding. On a journey to find who she is, Sophie makes a huge mess of things by inviting them without telling her mother (Streep). As old feelings begin to rekindle, all the characters rediscover who they really are. 

Let me just warn you from the get-go, not all of the actors in this film are great singers. To be honest, there are only a handful that are really great. Brosnan usually gets a bad wrap for this film because his singing abilities aren't among the greatest in the cast. He does not have a terrible voice; he just seems to be straining a lot as he sings. He doesn't look comfortable in the film or his voice. But I don't think he is a deal breaker for the film. I actually think he's kinda cute trying to sing his little heart out, but that's just how I am. Another thing to note before watching the film,it is extremely cheesy! That is probably one reason I love it so much! But if cheesy, over acted films get on your nerves, you may not like this one. 

Besides some of the above mentioned warnings, I can't get enough of the film and the music! If you are familiar with any of ABBA's music, then you will recognize many of the major songs: "Honey Honey," "Mamma Mia," "Dancing Queen," "Super Trouper," "The Winner Takes It All," and "Take A Chance on Me," to name a few. There are a total of 23 songs in the film, so plenty of ABBA to go around!

So, if you are a musical lover or an ABBA lover, go check this film out! Even the reluctant boyfriend didn't complain too much after. He wasn't a huge fan, but he did agree that it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be!


  1. Hey, Beccah. I agree, I like this musical, too. Scott took me to see this and when the first song started, he turned to me and asked, "Do they do this through the whole movie?". LOL! I wondered why he had agreed to go with me!

    1. That is hilarious, Sonya! I'm sure he was thrilled when he found out they did, right? lol!