Monday, June 11, 2012

Musical {Glee}

So... let's be honest - I forgot today was Monday. How do you forget that? Well, I have summer-break brain going on, which means all my days run together. I am also in the process of packing up my house, so I can move this weekend! Yay! 

However, with everything going on today and this week, I didn't get to watch a musical for this week's post (lame lame lame). BUT, I sure did have Glee playing around the clock, and I think that counts as a musical!

So this week, I will look at Fox's hit series, Glee! Woot Woot! Do I have any fans out there? I know this is completely different then a typical musical, but I think it should at least count as the red-headed step-sister in the musical family. The show is packed full of singing, dancing, and of course all the drama of high school (what's not to love)? 

If you aren't an avid fan, let me break it down for you. The show is centered around McKinley High School's glee club. As the students are dealing with relationships, sexuality, and high school drama, they are also preparing for the next big Show Choir competition. There is a musical number for just about everything in this series, and I love it!

The music included in the show is always a popular hit, new or old. The show's mantra is Journey's "Don't stop Believing," but the hits range from the Beatles to Lady Gaga. The director's have a blast with the music and always builds their episodes around it. 

Let me warn you though, if you aren't a follower and want to check it out, there are some major social issues that get thrown around in the show. I'll just lay them out there for you: sex, homosexuality, some drug references, bullying, race, etc. So, if you don't like shows that address these types of issues, Glee is probably not the show for you. But if you want to have a blast singing along with some very talented singers, check it out! 

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