Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm a Taco Bell Junkie! There I Admit It...

I like to eat - who doesn't right? But, I really like to eat, especially Taco Bell. Unfortunately, I can't eat three burritos a day and lose a few poundsies. So, I have to give up something. Either Taco Bell or my desire to be fit and trim.... tough decision. 

I am a big believer of the Mireille Guiliano's "French Women Don't Get Fat" plan! She teaches you how to eat what you love by making smarter choices. It is NOT a diet book! She HATES diets (weird, so do I). The book is hilarious, and she tells you how the French stay so thin. If you haven't read this book, you really should. It kinda changed my life!

Yet, I haven't lost any weight - not because of Mireille Guiliano, but because I haven't done what she suggests and I like to eat out! She would say that I can eat out, but I have to be smart when I do - which I'm not. Are you seeing my problem here? I get motivated by books like this (or New Years), and then I don't change. Story of my life. 

So what is my new remedy for my tragic love handles? A handy-dandy checklist, yep a checklist. Since I love food and I think it is one of the many pleasures of life, I think I should be able to enjoy eating out with friends and Taco Bell runs. However, I need to watch myself. What I think has been years since I ate at Taco Bell has really only been about two hours. 

With all of that being said, I decided to make a restaurant checklist so I could keep track of my eating out. I didn't want to eliminate eating out completely, but I did need to cut back. So I decided to make this!

It still seems like A LOT of eating out, but I had to start somewhere. Like I said, I eat Taco Bell numerous times a week, so cutting back to once a week for me is a big deal! I also go out with friends a ton, so I gave myself a little leeway there. I also gave myself 3 pop runs! I typically only drink water, but there is a little drive-in in OKC (Tim's Drive-in) that has the best pop in the world! And when I've had a bad day, Tim's makes it better. So, you get the gist. 

This is my start to a healthier me (cheesy, yes?)! I hope to keep cutting things back. 


  1. I love this!!! French Women was my first book to read in the New Year, and it definitely was a mind opener! and O my Word your little checklist is so cute!!!!! I think it makes it easier to follow lists when they are cute :) lol!

  2. Isn't it so good! I pick it up a lot and reread stuff! I never thought, 'if I want a hamburger, don't eat fries!" Such simple little things :) And thank you! I have to stop eating out so much, so I hope this helps!!

  3. I want to read this! I remember seeing it out and it slipped my mind.

    Jayme @ Her Lat Night Cravings