Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Musical {Oliver}

Wow, so I haven't done a post since last Monday, and I am feeling kinda lame. These next few weeks are going to be crazy for me. I am studying for my upcoming Comprehensive Examination which will determine if I will graduate with my masters degree in May. So, I am sorry if I'm a little distant over the next couple of weeks.

1968 Version (All pics via google)
However, I still got my musical for the week in! Johnny and I decided to watch Oliver this week! I am singing a song from Oliver in an upcoming music recital, so I thought I better watch it! I am singing "As Long As He Needs Me", in case you were wondering :)

"As Long As He Needs Me" is song by Nancy
to Bill Sikes (Break my heart much?). 
So, now to Oliver! I had never seen it (ok, ok give me a break!). I am playing catch up with all the musicals I missed out in life, so I haven't seen a lot of the classics. But I can now say that there is a reason this one is a classic! It is phenomenal. It is so emotionally driven and breaks my heart that anyone ever had to go through things like these little orphan boys. Being an English major, I have read so much material based around this same time period and it always breaks my heart. 

"Please sir, I want some more"

We watched the 1968 version with Mark Lester as Oliver (cutest kid ever). Most people know the plot line of the story, so I won't go into much detail. But, it is about a little orphan named Oliver who runs away from an orphanage. He teams up with a band of boys and their mentor, Fagin, who pickpockets for a living. 

Dodger and Oliver

The show has some wonderful music accompanying it. My favorites to name a few are: "Consider Yourself," "As Long As He Needs Me," "Who Will Buy?," and "Reviewing the Situation." I honestly enjoyed all the songs, which doesn't happen for me in every musical. I think that you should all go check out this little melt-your-heart classic. It will be worth it, but make sure you set aside about 2 1/2 hours to do so. This musical can also be found on NetFlix! 

And, you could also check out Disney's "Oliver and Company!" As I was watching the show, I couldn't help but think of "Oliver and Company." It is actually one of my favorite Disney movies, and they did a pretty good job with the story. 

Until next time musical lovers, 

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