Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Best Friend's Giveaway (yes, this is supposed to be clever)

The reason I started this here blog is because of my best friend, Kaleigh Hamilton! She has the cutest little blog that I check daily to make sure I haven't missed any of her posts. She is my fashion and style icon. Oh, and did I mention she is gorgeous! So, it is obvious that I am going to "push" my best friends blog, but she is different. Her blog is so funny and I pull it up religiously to make sure I am wearing my hair and clothes correctly. So, if you don't follow her you SHOULD! 

With all my best friend duties done, I will now tell you about her awesome giveaway she is doing right now! She is giving away this stinkin' stinkin' CUTE pillow! 

Her mother (who is as cute as her and a sewing genius) made this sweet little Valentines pillow for Kaleigh to do a giveaway with. Sonya's blog has other Valentines pillows if you are truly in love! 

If you love this pillow as much as me, you need to go RIGHT NOW to Kaleigh's blog and sign up for this giveaway! Do it! Do it! Do it! You don't have to do anything tedious to enter. You could win this pillow by just following her blog and her mother's! That is it! Who doesn't want this? 

And, you will love their blogs!


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  1. yay!! You are so cute, thank you sweet girl :) See ya tonight! Woot!